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3rd Ear
  • The Road Is Much Longer - Roger Lucey

  • Dance - Brian Finch

  • I'll Remember You - Brian Finch

  • Bringing Back The Good Times (live 1972) - Brian Finch with Mike Dickman

  • Lungile Tabalaza - Roger Lucey
    Based on a true story, 'Lungile Tabalaza' (who "fell" to his death while in police custody) was one of the reasons Roger's 1979 album 'The Road Is Much Longer' was banned in 1982. The Directorate of Publications wrote on the 22 October 1982 (ref: P82/9/115); "The song Lungile Tabalaza... is extremely dangerous to the State. It creates the impression of violence and torture where the police force people to speak. ...the committee is of the opinion that the record should be banned and that its possession would also be prohibited."
    Available here on SAmp3.com by kind permission of David Marks (3rd Ear Music) and Roger Lucey. [BC, July 2003]
  • Master Jack - David Marks
    David Marks wrote this song on the Helena Goldmine in 1964 and this 1997, almost prog-rock version, also features Jennifer Ferguson on vocals and the backing vocals are provided by none other than 'Jill' aka Glenys Lynne. [BC, August 2003]
  • Orang Otang - Brian Finch
    'Orang Otang' was penned by the larger-than-life Ramsay Mackay, the prolific songwriter from Freedom's Children, who now lives in Scotland. This song was originally recorded by Hawk and released as a single in 1972. It has been covered many times by artists like Kenny Henson's Harambee and Margaret Singana. Brian's new version off last year's 'Hero For Heroes' CD features the nDloko (oil-can violin) of John Gcaba and the wonderful harmony vocals of Mary-Ellen Blackman. [Brian Finch] (3rd Ear Music) [BC, July 2003]
    Splashy Fen

  • Van Hunks en Die Duiwel (1991) - Bill Knight
  • Sign Language (1996) - Famous Roaches
  • Down (1996) - Highway Jam
  • Cross Wired (1995) - The KÍrels
  • Let The Sun Shine (1994) - Larry Amos & Tim Parr
  • Jeffrey's Bay (1990) - Silver Creek Mountain Band
  • Makweru (1992) - Tananas
  • Noah (1994) - Urban Creep

    All tracks taken off the Splashy Fen - 10 Years Of Music Under The Mountains live compilation CD by kind permission of Dave Marks from 3rd Ear Music.
    Spinning Splashy Fen brings to mind the Kerrville Folk Festival here in Texas. Remembering my many festivals as a staff volunteer in the office, I can imagine a festival with a South African flavour instead of Texan. I know the feeling of leaving a city, Austin, and driving to the country to enjoy rural quiet, music, laughter, and wonderful people. I've slept in a tent, drunk beer, stayed up late, woken up early, and gone back to my job in The World feeling refreshed.

    The booklet pictures Kerrville-type scenes of people enjoying music, swimming, children playing, and tepees. Yes, I'd be at home at Splashy Fen. It has enough familiar to make me feel happily at home, and plenty of new to make me ebullient in the music. Splashy Fen must be an uplifting experience for the festival goers, like the Kerrville Folk Festival. Music truly brings people together and shows us what we have in common, doesn't it?
    [Kurt Shoemaker, Blanco, Texas, August 2003]


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