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  • 0-100 - Spinnekop
    By kind permission of Afrimusik

  • 42 - Kelvin Declined
    By kind permission of Jürgen von Wechmar, Kelvin Declined and Rhythm Records
  • 6x9 - Caytie Marvelis

  • 9mm Blues - George Harry
    A track off the recently released 'Volk Jou Ook" compilation CD from Wildebeest Records. If Springsteen's 'Nebraska' album had been recorded in Afrikaans it might have sounded something like this. [BC, April 2003]
  • Die Aarde en die Mens - Blomkrag
    OK here are some clues to understanding this song: 'Blomkrag' means 'Flower Power', 'die aarde en die mens' refers to 'the earth and the people', and this track is taken off an album titled 'Boerecountry'. So think Nico Carstens jamming with Jerry Garcia... and you won't even be close. This long and convoluted song (its over 6 minutes) features the vocals of Barbora Tellinger, acoustic guitar by Cliff Armstrong, bass by Gary 'Piet Pers' Herselman and the wah-wah guitar of 'Meneer Volume' himself, Willem Moller. The piano accordion is played by Gary Leisegang. Rock on. [BC, April 2004]
  • Above My Room - Jo Day
    The roaring opening track from the SA Rock Digest chart-topping album 'No Warning'. Jo Day on horny angel vocals, Darren Drawbridge on guitar, Martin Labuschagne on bass and Herman Kruger on drums. Toxic Shame's Jon Buckley added both his production and guitar skills to this fine rock album.
  • Absolute Zero Sampler - Absolute Zero

  • Affliction - Scarlet Host
    This popular progressive-metal-grunge band has been building a loyal following on the Cape rock scene for quite a while now. The arhythmic 'Affliction' is taken off their 4-track demo EP titled ambitiously 'Do It Yourself Volume 1'. Download other Scarlet Host tracks here... [BC, July 2003]
  • Africa - Lance Goldman

  • African Christmas Sampler - Various

  • Africa's Not For Sissies - Syd Kitchen

  • Afrika Son - Ekstra Dik
    Female-fronted bilingual alt.rock band with touches of blues and reggae... and more. This song has a distinct African feel and is taken from their recent CD 'Uit Ons Koppe Uit'. Lead vocalist Ilse Klink is also famed for her role in Isidingo as "Vanessa". The name "Ekstra Dik" (Extra Thick) was inspired by seeing the label on a condom saying "extra thin for maximum sensitivity" and thinking an extra thick one might have no sensitivity at all! [BC, April 2003]
  • Afrikaner Surfer Boy - Vanessa Van
    As summer really starts to heat up here in South Africa, and in Cape Town especially, pop newcomer Vanessa Van will get the beach party going as she sings about her 'Afrikaner Surfer Boy'. [BC, January 2004]
  • After The Rinderpest - Bill Knight
    From 'After The Rinderpest' CD, by kind permission of Bill Knight

  • Al Die Stede - Piet Botha
    Piet Botha and Nelson Mandela share the same birthdate (18th July) and 'Al Die Stede' is Piet's tribute to the man they call Madiba. "Maar in al die stede van die hele wêreld sal hulle jou naam ken, Nelson Mandela" (In all the cities of the whole world, they will know your name, Nelson Mandela).
    [Piet Botha] [BC, July 2003]
  • Alie Barber Theme - TV Soundtrack

  • All Eyes On Me - Seven Day Story

  • All The World - Zen Arcade
    As ZA's bright and buzzy 'Summer Sun' single reluctantly moves down the SAmp3.com charts, after deservedly reaching the No 1 spot, 'All The World' steps in to continue spreading the good word about the band's classy second album, 'Release'. 'All The World' has already received plenty of airplay on 5fm and is just one of many fine moments from one of SA's best rock bands.
  • All You Become - Starseed

  • Alles Is OK - Zinkplaat

  • Alles Sal OK Wees - Spinnekop
    By kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Almal Maak Haar Mal (acoustic version) - Valiant Swart
    From 'Sonvanger' compilation CD, by kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Almal Maak Haar Mal (album version) - Valiant Swart

  • Almost Wide Open - PetFlyz

  • America - 4 Jacks & A Jill
    By kind permission of Clive Harding

  • Andrea - Wayne Pauli

  • Androgyne (edit) - Ankha

  • Another Man's Woman - BlueScream

  • Antipodean Dirge - Tim Wells
    This is the second mp3 off Tim Well's 'Elephant' CD (which was released before the White Stripes album of the same title, by the way). Not sure why this is called a dirge as it bounces with life. Brendan Jury's viola is strongly to the fore here. [BC, January 2004]
  • Anything - Helen Desbois

  • Anything - Mike de Jager and Adrian Clark
    Durban born, now UK-based, guitarist Mike de Jager has just released his third album 'With These Hands'. Mike says his influences include Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, David Gilmore, Jeff Beck & Joe Satriani and he has worked with top South African musicians including Duncan Faure, Mauritz Lotz and Andrew Young. He has played with Birmingham band Easy and is currently with the Vaseline Rats (see below). His lastest CD release features a number of duets including 2 with worldclass musician and GUITARIST magazine music editor, Adrian Clark. 'Anything' is an astounding rock instrumental from the Joe Satriani school for aspiring guitar gods. More mp3s >>>
  • Apart Inside - Track4

  • Apathy - Woodshed
    By kind permission of Ted Baumann

  • Arm Man se Hond - Pienk Prinsessie

  • Arthritic Shredfest - Too Old To Rock

  • Awakening - HappyFourTwenty

  • Babhem - Intyilo

  • Babylon Calling - Robin Auld
    Surfer boy Robin Auld started rocking in 1978 with the Lancaster Band. This reggae rock song is taken from his 1993 'Zen Surfing In The 3rd World' album.
  • Bad Habits - The Chalks

  • Bad Habit - Fat City

  • Baksteen - Gas!

  • Die Ballad Van Dracula Havenga - Andries Bezuidenhout
    Andries is better known as "Roof" from the Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes. This slow and methodical autobiographical track is taken from his first solo album 'Insomniak se Droomalmanak'. Andries tells us about his life in a budgie cage and his strange neighbours including somebody who plays in rock band called Kobus! (BC, October 2003)
  • The Banded (remix) - The Narrow
    A speeded up, dance-tinged remix of one of the best and hardest tracks off the highly-rated 'Selfconscious' album.
  • Beach Girl - Natalia

  • Beautiful Life - Ian Henderson
    track from Ian Henderson's debut CD Freefall. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #155, by kind permission of Ian Henderson.

  • Believe - Mauri
    Demo, by kind permission of Mauri Moncada

  • Beneath - State Far Better
    By kind permission of Nicky Bernard

  • Bermuda Triangle - Mr Mann & Pointblank
    When we heard the mix of Cape Town's Mr Mann and Pointblank's rapping over Beethoven's 'Für Elise' (with some operatic vocals in the background) we just had to ask Fresh Music head honcho, Benjy Mudie, for permission to mp3 it... and he said "go ahead". A very cool and clever hybrid of sounds and styles... and it has a message. [BC, April 2003]
  • Bernadette - All Night Radio
    Big Sky's Steve Louw formed All Night Radio in 1984 with Rob Nagel (who went on to be a Blues Broer) and Nico Burger. 'Bernadette' is taken from their second album 'The Killing Floor' (Nagel had left by this time) which has not yet been released on CD, so this is taken from the original vinyl. Legendary producer Kevin Shirley was the producer & engineer on this Bo Diddley-style blues-rocker.
  • Beyond The Blue Sampler - Steve Louw & Big Sky

  • Binneland In (live at KKNK 2001) - Spinnekop
    This is where I heard Gian Groen and Spinnekop for the first time and I fell in love with their clever lyrics and hard-rock (almost Deep Purple-ish) sound. And I actually prefer this early live version to the studio version recorded in 2002 for the 'Groen Kitaar' album. [BC, October 2003]
  • Bitter Endings - Sacrifist

  • Blah Di Blah - Drop Dead Gorgeous
    Cool acoustic guitar intro leads into the catchy sing-a-long chorus of "blah di blah, you know I've heard it all before". This is the opening track off their debut CD. (December 2003)
  • Bleed - Loogaroo
    Metalmorphosis fans, who are disappointed because there are no more gut-wrenching metal tracks from Marq Vas and the boys here at SAmp3.com, need not despair (though I understand "despair" is sometimes part of the attraction), because new boys on the (chopping) block Loogaroo are here. The 2 minute 26 seconds 'Bleed' (which will do just that to your ears) is taken from their debut 5-track self-titled EP.
    {"Loogaroo" is a West Indian term for a vampire, just thought you might like to know. - ed} [BC, April 2003]
  • Bliss - Toyland
    Toyland are the biggest band on the current Metal/Hardcore (Metalcore) scene in Cape Town. 'Bliss' is the first single to be released as a download off their 2003 album, 'With Every Breath', on Witchdoctor Records. [SS, January 2004]
  • Blommetjie Gedenk Aan My - Anton Goosen
    Cited by many as the first Afrikaans rock song. This story of the Uniondale ghost girl first appeared on 1979's 'Boy Van Die Suburbs' album and more recently on the Rhythm Records compilation CD 'Dorpe, Stede en Streke', a journey through South Africa in song. [BC, April 2003]
  • The Blue (J-Bay) - Jamie Jupiter

  • Blue Room - Mike de Jager

  • Blue Water - Julian Laxton Band
    By kind permission of Julian Laxton
    1977 Disco-rock classic from Freedom's Children and Hawk guitarist Julian Laxton. He was also the producer for Suck, Otis Waygood, Stingray and Rabbitt amongst others. Trevor Rabin (ex-Rabbitt and Yes and now blockbuster soundtrack composer) played bass in Julian Laxton's band. Co-composed by the legendary SA Rock Hall of Fame inductee Patric van Blerk.
  • Bob's Your Uncle - Canaan's Banana
    Humourous, bouncy, lighthearted, but it pertains to Zimbabwe's current crisis and Robert Mugabe. [Curmic, July 2003]
  • Bobby Come Back - Robin Auld

  • Bok en Spring (demo version, recorded July 2001) - Piet Botha
    Demo version of 'Slagtersnek' off 'Die Hits' CD. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #163, by kind permission of Piet Botha.

  • Bolshie Woman - Scicoustic
    By kind permission of Trippy Grape

  • Die Bom Kom - Valiant Swart

  • A Boogie For Bokkie - Isak Roux

  • Born In A Storm - The Usual
    By kind permission of Street Level

  • Bossies - Wildebeest
    One of the first songs to combine Rock sounds with Afrikaans lyrics. This 1983 incarnation of Wildebeest featured Piet Botha on vocals & bass, Boet Farber on guitar & vocals and Freedoms Children's Colin Pratley on wild drumming and even wilder vocals.
    This is what happened to the soldiers during the Border War after being too long in the bush. Constant beat, catchy, fast. [Curmic, July 2003]
  • The Boy From Apricot Spells - The LED
    The 6-track EP 'Last Evening's Dreams' originally released by the LED in 1996 has recently become available again through RhythmRecords.co.za. Strap on your safety-belt before you listen to this song; it's not hard rock by any means, but it's pace and Skye Stevenson's soaring voice will leave you breathless. [BC, April 2003]
  • Break Down - Believable Addiction
    Believable Addiction, a metal-rock band from Pretoria, first stormed up the SAmp3.com charts in October last year with 'Twisted' which peaked at number 3. Another great song, the slow-burning 'Fire In The Sky' (aka 'Burn The Sky'), was featured on the 'Wicked Rock: Let Us Be Heard' 2CD compilation from Durban-based Wicked Rock Records and also received radioplay on 5fm. Their lastest offering is the new single 'Break Down' that is sure to burn holes in your PC's speakers. You have been warned. [BC, April 2004]
  • Breakfast In Bed - Ronnie Zonked
    Hidden bonus track from 'African Dope Volume 1'

  • Breathing In Me - Arcana XXII

  • Bright Young Thing - Natalia
    demo, by kind permission of Natalia.

  • Brille en Pille Blues - Amanda Strydom
    From 'Op 'n Klein Blou Ghoen' CD, by kind permission of Amanda Strydom.

  • Bring Vir Elvis Terug - SAM
    By kind permission of Rhythm Records

  • Bringing Back The Good Times (live 1972) - Brian Finch with Mike Dickman

  • Brixton-Dae - Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes
    By kind permission of Roof Bezuidenhout, Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes and Rhythm Records

  • Broken Innocence - Alexis

  • Buccaneer (1998 version) - McCully Workshop
    by kind permission of Tully McCully
    A huge hit in 1978 for McCully Workshop featuring Mike and Tully McCullagh, Richard Black and Rupert Mellor, all legends in their own right as well. This SARIE Award-winning song was re-recorded in 1988 featuring Jethro Butow, and the version featured here was recorded in 1998 and features some additional guitarwork from Falling Mirror's Allan Faull.
  • Bucket Of Knives - The Led
    This is an edgy slow-burning track off The Led's '8 days' album featuring the acclaimed vocals of Skye Stevenson.
  • Can't Judge A Book - The Boulevard Blues Band

  • Cape Of Storms - Roger Lucey
    Roger Lucey is a man with a conscience and a sensitive soul. His voice was silenced for many years, but now it can be heard. Be warned: 'Cape Of Storms' is not a song about the weather, but rather a biting commentary on the darker side of life in the Cape Flats, written round the time of Mandela's release in 1990. Available on the Roger Lucey 2CD retrospective '21 Years Down The Road' [3rd Ear Music] [BC, August 2003]
  • Castles (Remix) - Freshly Ground
    'Castles' is the opening single, and more up-tempo remixed version of the album track, from freshlyground's just-released, first album, 'Jika Jika'. This toe-tappin' slice of afro-salsa pop's full title is 'Castles In The Sky', but that languid album version has been speeded up for this video and radio mix (which is also included on the album under the shorter title, 'Castles (Remix)'). So this is the version that you will be hearing on the radio and that you can download right here.

    'Castles (Remix)' has a lightness of tune and lyric, but is still an infectiously repetitive single with Xolani's wistful vocals floating over the band's trademark style, a winning combo of pretty much any branch of the SA music tree you can name. [SS, September 2003]
  • Certify - Andrew Janisch
    By kind permission of Andrew Janisch

  • Change Your Ways - Andrew Janisch
    By kind permission of Andrew Janisch

  • Charlie Kaufman - Fallen
    We immediately like any band who call their first single 'Charlie Kaufman', named in honour of the US scriptwriter responsible for both 'Being John Malkovich,' and then 'Adaptation', that brilliantly-convoluted follow-up in which Charlie and his twin brother are both played by Nicholas Cage. A website dedicated to Kaufman, called www.beingcharliekaufman.com, has also made 'Charlie Kaufman' available as a download!

    Fallen (without a "The") is a three-piece alternative rock band from Grahamstown that formed in 2003 with a line-up of ex-Hyper Station members Andrew "Pappy" Shepherd (drums) and Chris de Klerk (guitar, vocals), and ex-Nemesis member Rob Scott on bass.

    'Charlie Kaufman' is their opening shot and it's going to be heard around a lot. It's a rolling, tuneful rock song, topped with De Klerk's winning vocals, off the band's excellent debut four-song EP called 'Last Chance For The Forgotten'. Also on the EP are 'Die Another Day' (thankfully not that Madonna Bond song), 'Quiet', and the title track, all of them bright, original and clearly indicative of a smart and cool band, seeking to find a new and now SA rock sound. Respect! [SS, April 2004]
  • Charlie's Tittie Bar & Family Bistro - The SlashDogs
    Dirty Rock 'n Roll from Gauteng, with a whole lot of muti thrown in. Usage of song authorised by Murder Call Records and The SlashDogs. [February 2005]
  • City Child - Syd Kitchen

  • Close To Me - Six Of Nine
    This excellent Cape Town band has released their hot, new single, 'Close To Me', and it is immediately available, exclusively on SAmp3.com. (BC, February 2004)
  • Cola Wars - Willem Kitshoff
    An effervescent and bubbly song from Cape Town mixmaster Willem Kitshoff. Chill out.
  • Colour Me In (live) - Sunways
    By kind permission of Benjy Mudie of Fresh Music and SAFM

  • Come On - The LED

  • Contact Sampler - Benjamin Gate

  • Content & Real - Anika

  • Cosmo Girl - The Fallen
    'Cosmo Girl', the first mp3 single off The Fallen's 6-track EP, is an excellent song! These guys know what they're talking about - we all know those self-centred, selfish, "Cosmo Girls"! The lyrics are clever, catchy and very relevant in today's world where image is (almost) everything. 'Cosmo Girl' has a stunning melody, great guitar work and is one of my favourite tracks by The Fallen. (TdB, August 2003)
  • The Countdown - Bluescream
    Roger Kaye (vocals), Robin Gallagher (guitar), Kevin Gibson (drums) and Tully McCully (bass & production) rock hard and loud with this McCully-penned track about abused women waiting for their knights in shining armour. "Jerry Springer used to make her laugh, now it just makes her cry". Powerful words in a power-filled song from this super-charged debut album from new Cape Town band BlueScream. (BC, December 2003)
  • Cowboy Ranger - Citizen Jones

  • Crawling Kingsnake (live 2002) - Albert Frost

  • Cross Wired (live at Splashy Fen 1995) - The Kêrels

  • Crowd Invasion - Bedrock

  • Cry For Help - Off The Edge
    Track from 'Unfinished Business'. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #157, by kind permission of Peter Hanmer and Off The Edge.

  • Crystal Clear - Seven Day Story
    You previously knew Seven Day Story from their first single, 'All Eyes On Me', and more recently for their appropriately laconic theme tune for the fantastic (and getting better) SA TV series, 'Going Nowhere Slowly' (How was that Graskop double-Bungy jump two episodes ago!). 'Crystal Clear' is closer to the band's harder rock style and introduces the Cape band's newly-altered line-up with two new members - Michael Horne on drums and Christo Van Der Rijst on guitar.

    Seven Day Story has been busy with pre-production for their debut album (due out in October), which will be recorded at Electric Chicken Studios in Randburg from 22nd September. So till that new batch of songs arrives, this will have to keep you going nowhere slowly for a while, but it's a very cool tune, so, to quote lead singer Michael Naranjo..."Thaaat's aaaall riiiiiight!" [SS, August 2003]
  • Crystal Groove - DJ Newt

  • Dance - Brian Finch
    From 'Hero Of Heroes' CD. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #160, by kind permission of Brian Finch.

  • Dankbaar Vir Aeroplanes - Lize Beekman

  • The Day Harry J Went To War - Roger Lucey

  • Dethrayboosterokkit - Tykoon Suit

  • Diengele (The Generals) - Kalahari Surfers
    'Muti Media' is the new album by Warrick Sony on the African Dope label and features more sonic textures from one of South Africa's most innovative and intelligent music producers. 'Diengele' is the first track off the album.
  • Diep in die Bos - Valiant Swart
    By kind permission of Valiant Swart and Rhythm Records

  • Diep In Gauteng - Stefan Lombard
    By kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Die Ding Ruk Mal - KALLITZ
    This is the first single from the Afrikaans rap trio from Belville South in the Cape. KALLITZ (pronounced "Coloureds"), are Boere and Skelm, backed up by their producer Dokter and their up-coming debut album will be released in 2004. (SS)
  • Dinosaur - Forest Moon

  • Disaster - Anti-Gravity
    By kind permission of Benjy Mudie of Fresh Music

  • Disco Fever Sampler
    snippets of 6 tracks from the 'Disco Fever' CD. More »»»

  • Dit Gebeur - Kop

  • Dolly Mae - Blues Broers

  • Don't Say - Seven Day Story

  • Don't Walk Away - Larry Amos
    The man behind 70's blues-rockers Baxtop, Larry Amos, show his chops (and his love for Eric Clapton) with the wonderful slow-ish blues of 'Don't Walk Away' taken from his 2001 CD 'Going Up'.
  • The Doop Doop Song - Jamie Jupiter
    I don't think we are supposed to take a song titled 'The Doop Doop Song' seriously, so I didn't. Ex-Honeymoon Suites vocalist, Jamie Jupiter wrote this song with Helena Doe Kingwell and Ben Amato about sheepherding in the dust of the Karoo. Take a listen and laugh along to the exploits of a cowboy and his girlfriend Lindy Lou. [BC, November 2003]
  • Down (live at Splashy Fen 1996) - Highway Jam

  • Download - Phringe
    Appropriately-titled song from one of Jo'Burg's best new pop-rock bands. [SS, June 2004]
  • Dreamboats - Simon van Gend
    From 'Unhinged' CD, by kind permission of Simon van Gend.

  • Dreams In Fire - The Awakening

  • Driehoek (edit) - Van Zyl, Van Der Spuy & Vennote
    Master musicians Barry van Zyl and Nibs van der Spuy really need no introduction. And they've surrounded themselves with a variety of friends on their new release on the Rhythm Records label, 'Hadeda'. The review on the CD Wherehouse website sums it up best; "'Hadeda' outlines a resonant world music canvas that organically evokes the very pulse of Africa's cross-continental flow". (BC, April 2004)
  • Drop 'n Roll - Track 4

  • Drowsy Maggie - DNA Strings
    From 'DNA Strings', by kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Dryfhout - Johann Erasmus

  • Duiwel Kom Ons Haal - Springcan
    Springcan are from Bloemfontein and sing in both English and Afrikaans. Here is one of their Afrikaans songs that got them onto the Geraas TV programme. 'Duiwel' is a mid-tempo acoustic rock song with some cool harmonica, a tasteful guitar solo and a hooky chorus; "whoah, kom dans met my". [November 2003]

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