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Something In My Eye (live at Wingerdstok 2003) - Boulevard Blues Band
An original blues song composed by guitarist Dale Collins who also takes over the vocal duties from Dr John Mostert for this song. Greg Smith blows the harmonica and Richard Pryor (no, not the actor!) plays some mean guitar.

Binneland In (live at KKNK 2001) - Spinnekop
This is where I heard Gian Groen and Spinnekop for the first time and I fell in love with their clever lyrics and hard-rock (almost Deep Purple-ish) sound. And I actually prefer this early live version to the studio version recorded in 2002 for the 'Groen Kitaar' album.

Suit (live at KKNK 2002) - 12Hz
Unplugged version featuring the acoustic guitar and vocals of Riku Lätti while Jean Marais blows the soprano sax. Some biting lyrics here.

Extra Larry (live at KKNK 2002) - Sons Of Trout
The brilliant Sons of Trout ("Die Viskoppe" as Dirk Uys refers to them!) let loose on this rendition of a song off their 2001 'Odd Times' CD.

Onder In My Whiskyglas (Reggae Version) (live at KKNK 2000) - Koos Kombuis
One of Koos's saddest songs (and there are quite a few), done here in an uptempo sing-along style!

Some statistics: Delta Blue are the only artists to have appeared on all 4 Tassenberg CDs, though Nic Turner and Mike Rennie have appeared either as Mikanic (Mike & Nic, geddit?) or with the Sons Of Trout across all 4 CD releases. And Albert Frost played with Valiant Swart on the first Tassenberg CD and with Frosted Orange for all the others.

The following artists have appeared on 3 out of the 4 releases:
Piet Botha, Akkedis, Valiant Swart, Spinnekop, Frosted Orange

There are plenty more great songs from these and other Tassenberg All*Stars (both live and in the studio) here on SAmp3.com. Please just browse around.

All mp3s by kind permission of Dirk Uys from Trippy Grape.
(BC, October 2003)


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