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  • Lady One Sampler - Breyten Breytenbach

  • Langs Die N2 - Voël
    By kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Le Mystique Sonar (Alpha Omega Mix) radio edit - DJ MacAngel
    By kind permission of DJ MacAngel

  • Leave The Bones - Cofield Mundi
    "'Ceremony' is one helluva debut album, one that most artists spend a lifetime trying to achieve… from the opening starkness of 'Leave the bones' it's clear to the listener that they are in for something special. Cofield's achingly heartfelt vocals sung over a wonderfully acoustic melange of guitar, violin and harmonies touch the soul." (extract from Fresh Music bio) [Fresh Music] [August 2003]
  • Lenny - Joe Public

  • Lente in die Boland (live) - Koos Kombuis & Albert Frost
    From 'Sonvanger' compilation CD, by kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Let Me Know - Ystervark
    Band members: Pieter Ploos van Amstel (vocalist), Hardy le Roux (guitarist), Max Theron (bass) and Riaan Diedericks (drums). Despite their Afrikaans name (an ystervark is a porcupine, not to be confused with a krimpvarkie which is a hedgehog or an aardvark which is... oh never mind) and the fact that they come from the Free State, these guys sing in English... and they do it very well. 'Let Me Know' is a funky tempo-changing rock ballad with a sort of Red Hot Chili Peppers type influence (or maybe not). Taken from their demo CD 'Living It Up'. [BC, August 2003]
  • Let It Go - Rubber Soul

  • Let The Sun Shine (live at Splashy Fen 1994) - Larry Amos & Tim Parr

  • Let Your Kingdom Come - Koos van Zyl

  • Let's Become The Silence - Sunways

  • Let's Get Naked - Evolver

  • Letter From A Friend - Zen Arcade
    From 'Letter From A Friend' CD single. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #164, by kind permission of Zen Arcade

  • Life - Henry Ate

  • Life Away - My Shade
    An interesting guitar intro leads into this new song from grungemetalrockers My Shade. Band quote from the zaZone website: "Our combination of mind-blowing, heavy low notes and our ear-piercing high notes result in a disturbing journey through a musical asylum". OK, you got that? [November 2003]
  • Life Itself - Soil 7T7

  • Like A River - HappyFourTwenty

  • Like A Stranger - The Dolly Rockers
    Recorded live at the SUI sessions, 23rd March 2002. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #165, by kind permission of Greg Donnelly of The Dolly Rockers

  • Lilly Dance - De-Jávù
    Summer is on its way in South Africa and this year's "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer" could just be 'Lilly Dance' by Capetonian quintet De-Jávù. Think Matt Bianco teaming up with Modern Talking with some synth treatments on the voices. And the lyrics contain all the instructions you need; "... to the left, to the left, to the right, to the right, turn around and face to the front ... and shake, shake, shake to the lilly dance". [BC, September 2003] (OneWorld)
  • Living As Numbers - Zero Tolerance
    This is the second track to be released as an mp3 off the Zero Tolerance debut EP, 'A Perfect Life'. Featuring the band's trademark collision of ska, punk, and Cape Town suburban angst. (BC, February 2004)
  • Lonely Road - High Trailor

  • Long Holiday - The Sunshines
    This song has been played consistently on many SA radio stations since it was first released a few years back. But now, due to many requests, we are happy to announce that ‘Long Holiday’ is now available as an mp3 download and is highly recommended for anyone who loves a good pop song. Maybe you are off on holiday and need an appropriate tune to keep buzzing around in your head, like Ally MacBeal, She would love ‘Long Holiday’ and so do/will you.
  • Long Riders Of Nam - Brian Finch
    Brian Finch has been performing since the '60s and is probably best known for his collaborations with Kenny Henson as Finch & Henson in the '70s and '80s. His epic 'Hero of Heroes' from 2002 re-established Finch as a master of his craft. He has now released his new album, 'Never Look Back' and Kenny Henson guests on a few tracks including the incredible 'Ghost Riders In The Sky'. 'Long Riders Of Nam' is an outstanding track which conjours up images of riding long stretches of road through the desert wastelands of Nambia. Going nowhere fast! (BC, February 2004)
  • Losing Control - Venessa Nolan

  • Lovesong - The Dollyrockers
    Sneak preview from the new Dollyrockers CD 'The Heat'. 'I think I'll write a song about love' drawls Greg Donnelly on this R.E.M.-ish track. (December 2003)
  • Love Is The Hunter - MacAngel
    MacAngel is a Cape Town-based electronic dance music producer who visited Germany in mid-2003 to produce his second album. To do that he worked alongside Bernhard Lloyd, who is known for his work with the successful pop band, Alphaville. Lloyd's experience and production skills helped MacAngel produce the album, 'Summer In Berlin'. Here is the track 'Love Is The Hunter' off the album. [SS, April 2004]
  • Love Struck - Jesse Jordan featuring John Mair

  • Lungile Tabalaza - Roger Lucey
    Based on a true story, 'Lungile Tabalaza' (who "fell" to his death while in police custody) was one of the reasons Roger's 1979 album 'The Road Is Much Longer' was banned in 1982. The Directorate of Publications wrote on the 22 October 1982 (ref: P82/9/115); "The song Lungile Tabalaza... is extremely dangerous to the State. It creates the impression of violence and torture where the police force people to speak. ...the committee is of the opinion that the record should be banned and that its possession would also be prohibited."
    Available here on SAmp3.com by kind permission of David Marks (3rd Ear Music) and Roger Lucey. [BC, July 2003]
  • Madiba 1990 - Bright Blue

  • Made In Africa - Cape Town Tango Ensemble
    The Cape Town Tango Ensemble was started by Stanislav Anguelov in 1996 as an accordion and piano duo. They added a double bass in 2000 and a violinist a year later, followed by an African drum, which was when their sound got really interesting. [SS, June 2003] (RhythmRecords)
  • Mag Boogie - Mike de Jager

  • Magnetiese Vrou - Wilde Als
    By kind permission of Tertius van de Merwe and Wilde Als

  • Make It Your System - Lazarus
    Air guitar riffs, cool Chad Kroeger vocals, 80's rock sound. This song sounds like it could be used for the next SuperSport advert (the lyrics don't quite fit, though). [Curmic, 7 July 2003]
    Curmic's sneak preview last week, of this first mp3/single release from Lazarus, described it as "Air guitar riffs, cool Chad Kroeger vocals, '80's rock sound". He's on the money! This hot, new Cape Town rock band have announced their presence with the strongest track off their 4-song debut, 'Parallax View'. 'Make It Your System' features a bubbling bass, drums and guitar brew with Niels Bouman's naked vocals riding the storm into the big chorus of "give me asylum from where I'm fleeing, some silence, to soothe my being..."

    Powerful stuff from an important new band. [SS, 14 July 2003]
  • The Maker - The Awakening

  • Makweru - Tananas
    We have had many requests for the unique African sound of Tananas and here they are with 'Makweru'. This song was performed live at Splashy Fen in 1992 and features the outstanding talents of Steve Newman on acoustic Spanish guitar, Mozambican Gito Baloi on 6-string bass and vocals and Ian Herman on drums. Taken off the '10 Years of Splashy Fen' live compilation CD by kind permission of Dave Marks. [3rd Ear Music] [BC, August 2003]
  • Mama Yea - Jamie Jupiter

  • Die Mamba (demo version, recorded 14 Sept 2002) - Piet Botha
    Piet Botha fans have been waiting since 1999 for a full new album from this Afrikaans Rock Poet (the 4 new tracks on 'Die Hits' in 2001 helped a bit, but we need more!). Fortunately he plays and tours consistently so we have been able to hear many of his new songs performed live. Botha has authorized an mp3 of the demo version of the title track from his new album 'Die Mamba' due for release very shortly on Rhythm Records. 'Mamba' (a poisonous snake, also slang for "cool") is a tongue-in-a-cheek song about a musician's life on the road. "Daar is jong bokkies, bokkies om te byt". [BC, April 2003]
  • Die Mamba (Album version) - Piet Botha
    Here Piet rocks out on the title track from his latest album. This is a tongue-in-cheek song about the life of a band on the road and the people they meet along the way. "Jong bokkies, bokkies om te byt". 'Die Mamba' has a great riff which aims right at the soul and the guitar solo in the coda has flashes of Machine Head-era Deep Purple. [BC, June 2003]
    (Piet Botha)
    Interesting song, it has a very different unique tune, beat and beginning. Then comes the fantastic electric guitar playing in the background. I heard this song by Piet in concert recently and it is even better on stage, especially Jonathan Martin's guitar solo at the end. The effect is magnified live. This is definitely a song to download. [Curmic, July 2003]
  • A Man Like Me - James Stewart

  • Man Met Kitaar (demo version, recorded 14 Sept 2002) - Piet Botha

  • Marionette - Fetish

  • Mars Mission - The Tripps

  • Martyr - The Awakening
    From 'The Fountain' CD, by kind permission of Intervention Arts and Ashton Nyte of The Awakening.

  • Master Jack - David Marks
    David Marks wrote this song on the Helena Goldmine in 1964 and this 1997, almost prog-rock version, also features Jennifer Ferguson on vocals and the backing vocals are provided by none other than 'Jill' aka Glenys Lynne. [BC, August 2003]
  • The Master Plan - Blood Island Raiders
    Metal for metalheads and all other fans of classic rock. And despite the efforts of bands like Linkin Park, guitar solos are definitely back {did they ever actually go away? - ed}. This song has nothing in common with a similarly titled song by Oasis, but does have a lot to do with early Black Sabbath, Budgie and "black album"-era Metallica. Taken off their stunning debut 'For The Sake Of Clarity'. (BC, January 2004)
  • Maya - Ken E Henson

  • The Meaning Of Goodbye - James Stewart
    James Stewart has released 'The Meaning Of Goodbye' as a free mp3 download, the third from his new batch of solo tracks to follow 'Shine' and 'A Man Like Me'.

    'The Meaning Of Goodbye' has been getting a torrent of US interest following its inclusion on the soundtrack of the cool, new animated MTV series, 'Clone High', tipped to follow in the successful footsteps of shows like 'Beavis & Butt-head', 'South Park' and 'The Simpsons'.

    Clone High was created by animation duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who also voice some of the characters. The series' basic story is that 16 years ago a secret government lab sampled the DNA of many of history's most notable figures and created infant clones of them. Now in their teens, the clones attend high school together in a planned community called Exclamation USA, where they face the typical trials and tribulations of the 'Dawson's Creek' set - as viewed through a funhouse mirror that's been ground up in a garburator and glued back together with Hubba Bubba. (Huh? - Ed)

    The main (cloned) stars are teenage versions of John F. Kennedy, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Joan Of Arc and Cleopatra, voiced respectively by Miller, Mad TV's Michael McDonald, Groundling comic Will Forte, Mad TV's Nicole Sullivan and Drew Carey's Christa Miller. Guest voices include Jack Black, Scrubs' Sarah Chalke, Andy Dick (as Van Gogh and Edison), Joe Flaherty, Tom Green, Marilyn Manson, John Stamos and Michael J. Fox.

    The series uses a wide assortment of cool, contemporary music on its soundtrack, including James Stewart's 'The Meaning Of Goodbye', which appears at the conclusion of the "Litter Kills: Litterally" episode.
    [August 2003]
  • Meat - Loogaroo

  • Medicated Sampler - Chris James

  • Meisie van die Ooste - Alta Joubert
    Delta Blue's Gerald Clarke plays mouth organ on this cool Afrikaans boogie by Alta Joubert. [BC, September 2003]
  • Meisies Teenspoed - Akkedis

  • Mega Fire - DJ Newt (remixed by Curmic)

  • Mellow Drama Sampler - Phringe

  • Met My Stukkende Kitaar - Koos Kombuis & Valiant Swart
    Two stalwarts of the Afrikaans rock scene together on one album. The best of both worlds indeed.
  • Michelle - 340ml

  • Miles - Moodphase 5ive
    By kind permission of African Dope

  • Milk Cow Blues - Delta Blue

  • Millennium Boy - Andrew Janisch

  • A Million Miles - The Space Committee

  • The Mississippi Muthers Blues - The Mississippi Muthers
    There is no blues like a slow blues, and if this one was any slower it would stop altogether. Great bass solo as well (whatever happened to bass solos, anyway?). Remember ZZTop's 'Blue Jean Blues'? Eric Clapton's live version of 'Double Trouble'? Gary Moore's blue phase? Then give 21-year old (or so) Dan Patlansky and his Mississippi Muthers a listen (at just under 8 minutes, its still too short). And catch them live, often, at Julian's in Northcliff. [BC, April 2003]
  • Misvuurtjie - Laurinda Hofmeyer
    Take a trip with the misty voice and ethereal piano ('Riders On The Storm', anyone?) of Laurinda Hofmeyr. [BC, April 2003]
  • Moan in Blues - Akkedis (with Albert Frost)

  • Mongolius' Blue Hanglider - The Mississippi Muthers

  • Mooie Vrou - Kaal
    Kaal means "naked", but there is no connection here to Kaolin Thompson's band (and song) of that name (also available here on SAmp3.com). This Kaal is Carel du Preez on vocals and guitars, Richard Mitchell on bass, Garth Airey on keyboards (no relation, that we are aware of, to Don Airey, Jon Lord's replacement in Deep Purple), James Porter on drums and Willie van Zyl on saxophone. Together they play rock and blues with lyrics in both English and Afrikaans. Their debut CD 'Blues To The Bone' features all original songs written by Carel du Preez. 'Mooie Vrou' is a catchy, sax- and organ-driven song to the love of his life.

    [BC, April 2003]
  • More Than One - Mauri Moncada

  • Morning Glory - Liela
    (this Liela is Braam Ackermann (from November 5)'s wife, and is not the Afrikaans songstress Liela Groenewald)

  • Morning Rain - Ekstra Dik

  • MP3 - Steve Louw & Big Sky
    By kind permission of Steve Louw

  • Mr Gravity - Starseed

  • Mowgli - Zero Tolerance
    Ska seems to have an ever-growing following, what with bands like Hog Hoggidy Hog, Fuzigish and The Rudimentals. Zero Tolerance took some punk attitude, added some ska rhythms, trumpets and stuff, read Rudyard Kipling {saw a Disney-movie, more likely - ed.} and gave us 'Mowgli'. [BC, November 2003]

  • Multiple Oblivion - Jo Day
    This is the opening song from Jo Day's independently released CD 'The Truth' released late last year. If you are in any doubt who wears the crown as SA's queen rock bitch, 'Multiple Oblivion' is the proof. Ms Day has been rocking and rolling since the early 90's and she works extremely hard and deserves everything she gets. Rock on. (BC, April 2004)
  • Musical Chairs - Serving Suggestion
    I have seen this group a few times live and they are fantastic! In concert, this bouncy, energized Christian punk rock song is the highlight for me. (Curmic, February 2004)
  • My Baby - Plush
    These boys are building a very large and loyal following with their stripped-down acoustic folk-pop tunes. [June 2004]
  • My Favourite Song On The Radio - What Now?!

  • My Heart Is Still Beating - Jamie Campbell
    Demo. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #160, by kind permission of Jamie Campbell.

  • Myrtleville - HappyFourTwenty

  • Mystic Boer - Valiant Swart

  • Naked - Naked
    By kind permission of Benjy Mudie of Fresh Music

  • Naked - Hog Hoggidy Hog

  • Nature's Child - Sharkbrother

  • Need - Morning Haze
    If those producers of the TV series 'Going Nowhere Slowly' are still looking for songs to accompany their travels around Southern Africa, they need look no further than Morning Haze. 'Need' is one of those great 'driving-on-the-highway-with-the-top-down' type acoustic rock songs. [BC, November 2003]
  • Never Before - Dayspring
    By kind permission of David Kirkwood

  • Never Look Back - Brian Finch

  • Never Sleep Again - Jerome Arthur

  • Nguwe - Godessa
    This is the opening song off the Cape Town all-female hip hop trio's debut album, 'Spillage'. [SS, June 2004]
  • Nicotine - HappyFourTwenty

  • 9mm Blues - George Harry

  • No Man's Land - Breyten Breytenbach & Arno Carstens

  • No Matter - Wendy New
    This track is taken off the 'Dissolve In The Sun' album which was first released in 2002 and recorded over about 5 years, partly in New York and partly in South Africa. Ms New describes her music as, "...strong unplugged, acoustic kickass kind of thing - more along the lines of Ani DeFranco" and we can't fault her there. (BC, April 2004)
  • Noah (live at Splashy Fen 1994) - Urban Creep
    This song performed live at 1994's 'Splashy Fen' Festival featured urban legends Brendan Jury (currently with Arno Carsten's New Porn), Chris Letcher, Simon Pontin and Ian Jeffries better known as Urban Creep. The band didn't last that long but they are fondly remembered by many. [BC, November 2003]
  • Noh TV - The Rudimentals
  • Nothing On - Padded Room (featuring Herbie Parkin from the Radio Rats) (International Band)

  • Now And Forever - Sons Of Selassie

  • Now That I've Found Your Love - Grant Nuss

  • Nuwe Suid Afrika - Kop

  • O Boereplaas - Kobus!

  • Office Girls - Tykoon Suit

  • Oh Why? - Mike de Jager
    From 'Dream' demo CD, by kind permission of Mike de Jager

  • On The Road Again (live) - Delta Blue
    From 'Delta Blue Live', by kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Onder In My Whiskyglas (Reggae Version) (live at KKNK 2000) - Koos Kombuis

  • One In Many - Frosted Orange
    From 'My Love Is A Leopard' CD, by kind permission of Simon Orange and Rhythm Records

  • One Moment - Antipathy

  • One More Day - PetFlyz

  • One Way Out - Swamp Funk Quartet
    By kind permission of Ted Baumann

  • Only If It Rains - Off The Edge
    Peter Hanmer: electric & acoustic guitars, bass / Clint Cunningham: All main vocals / Dave Sharp: Hammond C3, pianos, synthesizers / Sherry Jones: backing vocals

    Brand new song from Off The Edge, featuring new vocalist Clint Cunningham. After 3 albums being female-fronted, Off The Edge have returned to their roots by bringing in a male voice. Clint has a strong rock voice, and this Peter Hanmer composition is a mid-paced country-rock style song (think Jackson Browne or Bruce Hornsby) with acoustic guitars, superb piano from Dave Sharp (remember him from Feather Control?) and sweet angel backing vocals from Age of Innocence's Sherry Jones.

    This is the first track taken off their soon-to-be-released 5th official album 'Site Under Construction'.
    (BC, September 2003) [Off The Edge]
  • Ons Kom Terug - Alta Joubert
    Alta Joubert: vocals, harmonica, guitar / Henry Steel: guitar, bass / Barry van Zyl: drums / Zelda Myburg: piano / Wynand Davel : violin / Schalk van der Merwe: bass

    This is the opening track from Alta's latest CD 'Warrelwinde'. A bouncy, Afrikaans boogie-blues about those who leave SA for greener pastures and then come running back. "Ons werk vir die Britte, verlang na ons hitte, dan kom ons terug". [September 2003]
  • Oom Willem Strikes Back - Buckfever Underground

  • Op Soek Na Jou - Gas!

  • Open Your Eyes - KGB

  • Orang Otang - Brian Finch
    'Orang Otang' was penned by the larger-than-life Ramsay Mackay, the prolific songwriter from Freedom's Children, who now lives in Scotland. This song was originally recorded by Hawk and released as a single in 1972. It has been covered many times by artists like Kenny Henson's Harambee and Margaret Singana. Brian's new version off last year's 'Hero For Heroes' CD features the nDloko (oil-can violin) of John Gcaba and the wonderful harmony vocals of Mary-Ellen Blackman. [Brian Finch] (3rd Ear Music) [BC, July 2003]
  • The Orchard - Mann Friday

  • Otis - November 5

  • Overload - Alexis

  • Pain - Drop Dead Gorgeous
    A catchy, edgy Spanish-style guitar opens this hard-hitting song and then the echoed voice of Mish L lets you know about her pain. The tango-ish drumming on this track from the 'Melt With Me' album is superb, and I don't understand the spoken French words, but they really add to the overall effect. Feel it. (BC, April 2004)
  • Path You Take - The Tim Wells Band

  • Parallel - Saturnine
    The 3-piece Saturnine hail from Durban and this rock song starts slowly and then rocks out big-time with a great metal riff. "A metal journey through adventurous melody" says the Wicked Rock website and that's spot-on.

    'Silence Is Deafening', their debut CD, will be available in March 2004.
  • Paralyser - Ghetto Muffin
    'Paralyser' was, for many, the stand-out track on 'African Dope Volume 1', the Cape Town label's first excellent compilation in 2001. 'Paralyser' is also the title of the debut album by this Guguletu duo comprising Mziyanda "Sugar" Mbuthuma and Vumile "Ginger" Sitokisi. The album was produced and co-composed at Milestone Studios in Cape Town by Warrick Sony (Kalahari Surfers), whose influence on this reggae/kwaito/urban/dub mix is unmistakable. [SS, June 2003] (African Dope)
  • Passing Time - HappyFourTwenty

  • Passion Mother - Metalmorphosis

  • Past Idol - The Awakening
    From 'Risen', by kind permission of Intervention Arts and Ashton Nyte of The Awakening.

  • Pay Pay Blues - Rupert Mellor

  • Perez Sampler - Perez

  • Perfect Love - Terence Reis
    From 'Bilene' CD, by kind permission of Terence Reis.

  • Pink Pork Noise (edit) - Benguela
    Benguela are master soundsmiths and this instrumental and experimental, yet accessible track, is taken from 'Digital Inability' released in 2001. Gong, King Crimson and early Floyd spring to mind, but maybe you should take a listen for yourself. [BC, April 2003]
  • Plan My Attack - Soulja
    Wild and dangerous rock from the band who supported Sepultura on their recent SA tour. [BC, September 2003]
  • Planet - Soil 7t7

  • Pleez Man - StarkRavingSane
    From 'The Unknown' CD, by kind permission of StarkRavingSane.

  • Potato Head - Scabby Annie
    By kind permission of Dave Chislett

  • Powerzone Roadshow Sampler - Various

  • Praha Paradise - Ernie
    By kind permission of African Dope

  • Pretty Baby (Radio Version) - KJ Stone

  • Promised The World - The Narrow

    Tuesday's Child
  • The Psyche Of The Situation - Tuesday's Child
    From 'Following Light', by kind permission of Craig Strachan and Tuesday's Child.

  • Psycho Colours - HappyFourTwenty

  • Psycoparalysis - Dayspring
    It has outstanding guitar solos and although the lyrics appear to be meaningless, it is still one of my all-time favourite rock songs. [Curmic, July 2003]
  • Push and Shove - Evolver

  • Push-up Bra - Uzo Blaker

  • Race Past The Sun - Dolly Rockers

  • Ravens - Six Of Nine

  • Razorback - Dorp

  • Refrigerator Man - Woodshed
    By kind permission of Ted Baumann

  • Relate (acoustic) - Tait
    By kind permission of Fresh & Street Level

  • Remember September - Off The Edge
    By kind permission of Peter Hanmer

  • Revolution - Swim Club
    'Revolution' is the first mp3-single to be released by this mysterious band from Johannesburg. Details are sketchy, (no) thanks to a short note that accompanied their five-song CD that told us "Where they're from is not important, neither who they are".

    We do know "There's a powder blue Tele in there" as well as "A heady mix of twin guitars and electronica" which is true as evidenced by this strange little song that begins with speaker-quivering bass and a scratchy guitar riff before a mournful male voice starts singing "....These days no-one's talking about a revolution". Too true!

    The other songs on their CD indicate a strong affection for the minimal, hollow clattering percussive sounds of Joy Division, and opener 'Same Same' is almost a direct cover of the Joy Division song 'Atmosphere'. But the rest of the songs work off a spacey and sparse background of electronic sounds, specially the ephemeral 'Seen From Space', which perfectly soundtracks the CD's cover picture of a man floating spread-eagled above the clouds. Dive in. [SS, April 2004]
  • Rise - Sonar
    Metal riffing, pounding drums... and that's just the opening bars. 'Rise' is taken off Sonar's album 'Bitterwaste' and is a soaring rock song that Sum 41 would be proud of. (December 2003)
  • Rise 'n Shine - Moodphase 5ive
    By kind permission of African Dope

  • Riverblues - Delta Blue
    By kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Rock City - New World Inside

  • RockPop - Diff-Olie
    From 'Die Borrelbad Insident' CD, by kind permission of Dirk Uys from Boereplaas Plate.

  • Rock 'n Roll Jannie - Jakkie Louw
    By kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Rock and Roll Man - Bedrock

  • Rock 'n Roll Model Cliche - HappyFour Twenty

  • Rooi Radar - Abel Kraamsaal
    Here's another typically sweet and very emotional ballad off this popular singer-songwriter's debut album, 'Woorde Op 'n Wynboks'.

  • Rooiwyn - Gas!

  • Rooiwyn en Savanna - Jakkie Louw
    By kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Rotational High - Black Noise
    Cape Town’s longest-running and hardest-working hip hop outfit have a new album out soon called ‘Rotational High’, and this is the title track, bursting with the energy and intelligence we’ve always associated with Black Noise.

  • Run.Alive.Run - Felix Laband
    By kind permission of African Dope

  • Russian and Chips (demo version, recorded 14 Sept 2002) - Jack Hammer
    A recent demo recording of a Freedoms Children track from 1970, originally titled 'The Kid He Came From Nazareth' (or Hazareth as the censors would have us believe!). Jack Hammer was formed in 1984 out of Raven and Wildebeest by Piet Botha. Vocals on this version are by the young rock-legend-in-training Jonathan Martin. [BC, November 2003]
  • Saad Van 'n Psigopaat - Abel Kraamsaal
    If ZZ Top could sing in Afrikaans, they might sound something like this. Boogie down with this track taken off Kraamsaal's debut CD 'Woorde Op 'n Wynboks'. (BC, January 2004)
  • SAnta SAmpler - Various

  • Sara - Voël
    Not a cover of the Fleetwood Mac or Starship songs with similar titles, but rather some funky Afrikaans pop with some cool harmonica and organ sounds.

  • Sarie - Mike de Jager

  • Sarie Blues - David Marks

  • Saron Gas Sampler - Saron Gas

  • Save Your Love - Grant Nuss
    This track is the second mp3 taken off 'Diversity', the recently-released debut album by Capetonian Grant Nuss. This is a gentle song about longing and loving, ideal for those long winter nights. [Street Level] [August 2003]
  • Say - The Tim Wells Band
    With 'Antipodean Dirge' moving up the SAmp3 charts, we thought you'd like to hear an earlier track from Tim Wells and his band. 'Say' is a sophiscated and well-produced song of love by The Tim Wells Band. Karen van Pletsen's voice shines alongside Tim's lead vocals. Taken off the CD 'Fallen Through The Cracks', released a couple of years ago.
  • Say Goodbye - Scarlet Host

  • Scream (Demo) - Velve
    A slower, unplugged track to follow Velve's first big single, 'Fallen', which recently topped the SAmp3.com charts. Trucker's the dude with the deep, emotional vocals on this new offering. Recorded at UCT Radio. [SS, October 2003]
  • Seagull - Terry Griffin

  • Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time - Lance Goldman

  • Seether Sampler - Seether

  • Sekelmaan - Nicole Holm
    By kind permission of Afrimusik

  • Semisane Sampler - Semisane
    A sampler medley of songs from 'A Life Less Strange' CD, by kind permission of Semisane

  • Senior Citizen Boogie - Too Old To Rock

  • Sense - Forest Moon

  • Sestien Jaar Met ' n Vals Kitaar - Koos Kombuis
    Track from Koos' CD Equilibrium. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #157, by kind permission of Koos Kombuis and Rhythm Records.

  • Settler - Syd Kitchen
    By kind permission of Syd Kitchen

  • Sexy Gal - Mr Mo & G-Steel

  • The Shape That I'm In - The Usual
    By kind permission of Street Level

  • Sharp - Syd Kitchen
    By kind permission of Syd Kitchen

  • She - McCully Workshop
    by kind permission of Tully McCully

  • She Says - Cutting Jade
    Track from So There We Were, by kind permission of Intervention Arts.

  • Shady Dealz - Nukular Stompers

  • Sheriff Bush and Deputy Blair - The Nukular Stompers. More »»»

  • Shine - James Stewart

  • Shoshaloza - Mike de Jager
    Guitar maestro Mike de Jager gives a new twist to an old familiar favourite. "Shoshaloza" (also spelt "Shosholoza" and originally "Chocholoza") means something like "go forward" or "make way for the next man".
  • Siamese Sampler - Siamese

  • Sick Boogie - Martin Rocka
    "Sick" in skatepark speak means "awesome, brilliant" and this boogie by Martin Rocka is just that. The vocals sound like the late, great sensational Alex Harvey and this songs reminds me of one of those live jams that Led Zep used to do during the long extended versions of 'Whole Lotta Love.' Ok, let this boy boogie. [BC, April 2003]
  • Siener - Wilde Als
    Someone described this band's music as "Afrikaans prog-rock" and the opening squealing guitar and subtle Tull influences will confirm that.
  • Sign Language (live at Splashy Fen 1996) - Famous Roaches

  • Silverfish - The Dolly Rockers
    Recorded live at the SUI sessions, 23rd March 2002. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #165, by kind permission of Greg Donnelly of The Dolly Rockers

  • Silverfish - The Dollyrockers
  • Since I Met You - New World Inside
    Digest chart-topper from New World Inside's debut 7-track EP. Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #156, by kind permission of Francois Badenhorst from New World Inside.

  • Sing Song Sally - An Pierlé (International Artist)

  • Sister - Zen Arcade
    Track off 'Snowflake', by kind permission of Zen Arcade

  • 6x9 - Caytie Marvelis

  • Six Feet - Martin Rocka

  • Sixty Something - The Sixty Something Band
    This is the theme song from the successful SA music revue of the hit songs from the '60's, written by Mike McCullagh. This recording is from the 1995 season of 'Sixty Something' and features the late André Fourie on guitar, Venessa Nolan on keyboards, and Duck Chowles, Dennis Baker and Tiffany Griffin on vocals.

  • Siyaya Sampler - Dozi

  • Sleeper - Curious George
    By kind permission of Curious George

  • Slip Away - Robin Auld

  • Smile - Andrew Janisch
    By kind permission of Andrew Janisch

  • SMS - Anton Goosen
    By kind permission of Anton Goosen

  • Snakes And Ladders - Evolver

  • So Adios - Sumaré
    Take a listen to new singing sensation Sumaré with the title song from her debut album recorded mainly in Afrikaans with a few English songs. It includes self-penned songs as well as some covers like 'Blue Bayou' and 'Gloryland'. [BC. January 2004]
  • So Jy Skim - Kop

  • So Many Times - Jimmy 12"
    By kind permission of Sovereign Entertainment.

  • Soaking Up The Sinai - Lance Goldman

  • Sobriety Friend - Old Mol

  • Sold Out - Sons Of Trout
    The first of the new demos recently recorded by the 'Trouts' prior to the band's beginning an international push. [SS, June 2003]
  • Something In My Eye (live at Wingerdstok 2003) - Boulevard Blues Band
    An original blues song composed by guitarist Dale Collins who also takes over the vocal duties from Dr John Mostert for this song. Greg Smith blows the harmonica and Richard Pryor (no, not the actor!) plays some mean guitar. [BC, October 2003]
  • Somewhere (demo) - Celtic Rumours

  • Die Son Kom Weer (demo version, recorded July 2001) - Piet Botha
    Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #153, by kind permission of Piet Botha.

  • Sondebok Sampler - Battery 9
    By kind permission of Paul Riekert

  • Song To Jeffrey's - Brian Finch

  • The Sounds Of Silence - The Awakening
    Cover version of the Simon & Garfunkel classic, from 'Risen', by kind permission of Intervention Arts and Ashton Nyte of The Awakening.

  • South Africa - Eden Brent (International Artist)

  • Space Dream (suite) - Off The Edge:

    • Starfire - Off The Edge
      Free with SA Rock Digest issue #169, by kind permission of Peter Hanmer and Off The Edge.

    • Pulsar - Off The Edge
      Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #171. By kind permission of Peter Hanmer and Off The Edge.

    • Apollo - Off The Edge
      Free with SA Rock Digest Issue #170. By kind permission of Peter Hanmer and Off The Edge.

    • Cosmos - Off The Edge
      Free with SA Rock Digest issue #167, by kind permission of Peter Hanmer and Off The Edge.

    • Encounter - Off The Edge
      Free with SA Rock Digest issue #166, by kind permission of Peter Hanmer and Off The Edge.

  • Spanning - Kaal

  • Spook - Spinnekop

  • Springbok Sampler - Springbok Nude Girls

  • Stained - Ashton Nyte
    From 'Dirt Sense' CD, by kind permission of Intervention Arts and Ashton Nyte.

  • Stand By Me - Tait

  • Stay - Ketamine

  • Stay With Me - Koos van Zyl

  • Step Outside - Luna
    Beautiful piano-playing and singing from Stellenbosch singer-songwriter Luna. She has been compared to Kate Bush as well our own Lesley Rae Dowling and also Nianell.
  • Stoute Boude - Anton Goosen with Beeskraal
    By kind permission of Anton Goosen

  • Strive (to be Happy) - Paul Abro

  • Stuur Groete Aan Mannetjies Roux - Illana May

  • Suburbia - Mitsoo
    The new single from Cape Town's finest all female punk trio. [June 2004]
    Psychedelic spacey music, all about different types of drugs. Far out. [Curmic, July 2003]
  • Suikerbossie Blues - Jakkie Louw en Daai Band
    A traditional Afrikaans folk-song done in a blues style by the talented Jakkie Louw. Taken off his lastest CD 'Klein Karoo Cowboy' [Afrimusik] [August 2003]
  • Suit - 12Hz
    By kind permission of 12Hz and Rhythm Records

  • Suit (live at KKNK 2002) - 12Hz
    By kind permission of 12Hz and Trippy Grape
    Unplugged version featuring the acoustic guitar and vocals of Riku Lätti while Jean Marais blows the soprano sax. Some biting lyrics here.
  • Summer Sun - Zen Arcade
    The dazzling first single off Zen Arcade's second album, 'Release'. Even among the parade of fine, new songs, strutting power chords, and general all-round strong rock on 'Release', 'Summer Sun' shines like its eponymous self, with a jagged groove full of sparkle, joy and a 'happy-to-be-alive and on a South African beach' vibe with vocalist Iain McKenzie riding the song like a surfboard. All over your radios, soon! [SS, August 2003]
  • Sunette Sampler - Sunette

  • Sweet Narcotics - AK Massive

  • Sweet Stellenganga - Akkedis

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