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  • Fallen
    Charlie Kaufman
    We immediately like any band who call their first single 'Charlie Kaufman', named in honour of the US scriptwriter responsible for both 'Being John Malkovich,' and then 'Adaptation', that brilliantly-convoluted follow-up in which Charlie and his twin brother are both played by Nicholas Cage. A website dedicated to Kaufman, called, has also made 'Charlie Kaufman' available as a download!

    Fallen (without a "The") is a three-piece alternative rock band from Grahamstown that formed in 2003 with a line-up of ex-Hyper Station members Andrew "Pappy" Shepherd (drums) and Chris de Klerk (guitar, vocals), and ex-Nemesis member Rob Scott on bass.

    'Charlie Kaufman' is their opening shot and it's going to be heard around a lot. It's a rolling, tuneful rock song, topped with De Klerk's winning vocals, off the band's excellent debut four-song EP called 'Last Chance For The Forgotten'. Also on the EP are 'Die Another Day' (thankfully not that Madonna Bond song), 'Quiet', and the title track, all of them bright, original and clearly indicative of a smart and cool band, seeking to find a new and now SA rock sound. Respect! [SS, April 2004]
  • The Fallen
    Cosmo Girl
    'Cosmo Girl', the first mp3 single off The Fallen's 6-track EP, is an excellent song! These guys know what they're talking about - we all know those self-centred, selfish, "Cosmo Girls"! The lyrics are clever, catchy and very relevant in today's world where image is (almost) everything. 'Cosmo Girl' has a stunning melody, great guitar work and is one of my favourite tracks by The Fallen. (TdB, August 2003)

  • Falling Mirror
    Formed in Cape Town in 1978 by 2 cousins, Allan Faull and Nielen Marais. More »»»
    Then It Turns Around
    Camera Eyes
    Hammerhead Hotel
    Zen Storm Sampler
    Johnny Sampler

  • Fat City
    Blues Rock band from 1988 featuring Toni Gozza, Joni Blundell and Jiggs Downing.
    Bad Habit

  • Fetish
    More »»»

  • Brian Finch
    Brian's rich, deep voice wraps itself around your soul as he sings songs about living, leaving & loving. More »»»
    I'll Remember You
    Bringing Back The Good Times (live 1972 with Mike Dickman)
    Never Look Back
    Song To Jeffrey's
    Orang Otang
    Long Riders Of Nam

  • Mark Fransman's Strait & Narro
    Superficial available at MWeb - this is an HTML link - please do not right-click
    Here's a fresh urban SA sound with hip hop, trip hop funk and jazz off this acclaimed Cape Town group's debut album, 'Ahead', on Bowline. [July 2006]
  • Freshly Ground
    Castles (Remix)
    'Castles' is the opening single, and more up-tempo remixed version of the album track, from freshlyground's just-released, first album, 'Jika Jika'. This toe-tappin' slice of afro-salsa pop's full title is 'Castles In The Sky', but that languid album version has been speeded up for this video and radio mix (which is also included on the album under the shorter title, 'Castles (Remix)'). So this is the version that you will be hearing on the radio and that you can download right here.

    'Castles (Remix)' has a lightness of tune and lyric, but is still an infectiously repetitive single with Xolani's wistful vocals floating over the band's trademark style, a winning combo of pretty much any branch of the SA music tree you can name. [SS, September 2003]
  • Fokofpolisiekar
    SA's most exciting and controversial Afrikaans punk rock band. More »»»
    Bonus track from Fokopolisiekar's barnstorming debut 'As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand', only available as an mp3.
    Hemel Op Die Platteland available at MWeb - this is an HTML link - please do not right-click
    One of the very few Afrikaans rock songs to be playlisted on 5FM. Fokofpolisiekar were formed out of punkrock band New World Inside.
    Die Illusie Van Veiligheid available at MWeb - this is an HTML link - please do not right-click
    One of six new songs off this adored SA rock band's latest EP, 'Monoloog In Stereo', now available on Rhythm Records.
    Tevrede available at MWeb - this is an HTML link - please do not right-click
    It's here! The first single off the debut album, 'Lugsteuring', by SA's most exciting new Afrikaans punk rock band.
  • Forest Moon
    More »»»

  • Fortune Cookies
    Intelligent and delicious pop that promises much for the future. More »»»
    Cookie Sampler

  • Albert Frost
    Guitar genius
    Kamakastig Land (live)
    Crawling Kingsnake (live)
    Kamakastig Land (with Frosted Orange)
    One In Many (with Frosted Orange)
    Lente in die Boland (with Koos Kombuis)
    0-100 (with Spinnekop)
    I'd Rather Be Sad Than Happily Married (with Blues Broers)
    Moan in Blues (with Akkedis)

  • Frosted Orange
    Albert Frost, Simon Orange & Jacques Schutte play bilingual sophisticated jazz-blues rock. More »»»
    Kamakastig Land
    One In Many

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